About Hothouse Design

Hothouse Design is the only company that specialises in creating schematics used in the user interface of ITS platforms. We developed the visual language for this style of road schematic in 2008/2010 ??? It is the most common visual language in use in the STREAMS ITS platform.

There’s an art to designing each schematic. A balance between reality, suggestion and functionality needs to be achieved. And it needs to work within the constraints of the ITS platform and the illustration software, all the while maintaining a consistent visual language. Tougher than it sounds.

To ensure that projects run smoothly, we use a process that is designed to collect the right information at the right time and produce useful drafts for approval at the right stages. There is also an obvious requirement to be able to understand engineering drawings.

In an increasingly cluttered visual world, you need experts to create visual languages that draw on the existing experience of users to create efficiencies. We are experts in information design and we specialise in explaining complexity from an audience’s perspective.

Hothouse Design is a bunch of creative people with techy backgrounds. Founded back in the early 90's by Deirdre Wilson and David White, Hothouse Design is firmly based on the solid principles of quality assurance and process improvement derived from the manufacturing industry where we both started work.

Decades of experience in explaining complexity in transport, mining and infrastructure sectors inform our design approach to schematics. And our staff have the technical background to back it up. We love working with experts in the technical and engineering space. Our team has both technical and design qualifications as well as years of experience in technical and engineering projects.

We develop processes to create repeatable, predictable outcomes

Our clients tell us that they like the way we work. We invest in the actions that deliver on the basics of being reliable, consistent and effective. That means having processes that work, being systematic and understanding the needs of all the participants.

And we underpin that with living our values of telling the truth and respecting the people we work with.

For a quote, call +613 9510 2421 or email us@hothousedesign.com.au