Be sure your ITS platform is easy to use

Custom-made Road schematics for managed motorways

ITS platforms are an investment that needs a correspondingly smart contextual interface for the traffic systems and devices. Deceptively simple to look at, our road schematics are designed to serve the user in the background. Literally. They are the background for the traffic systems and devices. But they are not maps. Nor are they engineering drawings.

Why us?

Because we created this visual language, we are experts at process and we love creating road schematics.

Road schematics produced by Hothouse Design…

Are easy to use

No explanation necessary. Our schematics are scalable, providing relevant context at different scales.

More than a map, different to an engineering drawing, our schematics optimise user-interface efficiency by presenting only the information needed to provide context for the data being displayed. No training required. The visual language we have designed removes the need for training on how to read the diagram.

Made with a 3-step process

Our experience in schematic design has been distilled into a 3-step process designed to make the commissioning and production of road schematics simple. Our unique process collects the right information at each step and provides three easy approval steps.

The resultant schematic works the way it is intended because the process is designed to produce exactly that outcome.

Provide the best outcome

We have produced more road schematics and understand them better than anyone else. Having designed the first road schematic used in an ITS platform in Australia, we continue to produce schematics for managed motorways, deepening our knowledge with each one.

Our visual language is the most widely used for road schematics in Australia. Others have tried to copy but copies without understanding simply don’t deliver the same results. 

Ask us for a referee.

About our schematics

Traffic congestion management systems need schematics of the roads so that software components representing the in-situ control devices can be placed on a schema that presents the situation being monitored. Our road schematics are extensively being used around Australia in the STREAMS ITS platform from Transmax.

Platform users need the right context for the devices being displayed. They need to know where they are on the road, what the physical road environment is and what environment the driver is experiencing.

To enable that uptake of information, we designed a visual language that is readable without explanation. This reduces training time as new operators can learn to use the system without having to learn a new visual language.

Our schematics have been designed to be easy on the eye reducing the fatigue associated with prolonged screen use.

And they match the way that the operators recognise intersections retaining the shape of intersections and providing further identifying information when zoomed in past the level of landmarks. Zoom out and the shape of the road returns and is recognisable. Landmarks as well as road shape help users locate themselves on the schematic.

Southern Link Schematic
Southern Link

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